Is Angelina Jolie Butting Heads With Brad Pitt's Mother?

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Angelina Jolie is reportedly furious after her Brad Pitt’s mother Jane insisted on buying “girly” outfits for her tomboy granddaughter Shiloh.

Shiloh and her five siblings are allowed to choose their own clothes, but Brad’s mother Jane bought several feminine outfits for the six-year-old.

Angelina reportedly found Jane’s move “disrespectful” because she knows Shiloh likes to dress like a boy.

An insider revealed, “Jane still insists on buying her fairy costumes and princess dresses, which Angelina finds very disrespectful”.

This incident comes on the heels of Brad’s mother writing a letter to her local newspaper urging Americans to vote against PresidentObama in the upcoming elections because of his support for gay marriage.

Angelina and Brad, who are prominent supporters of gay marriage and President Obama, were said to be appalled by the letter.

A source close to the couple said, “Brad and Angelina were devastated by Jane’s actions. They have worked hard campaigning for equality, working closely with Barack Obama. Angelina called Jane and told her she believes she’s setting a bad example for the kids.”

A source said, “Jane has never wanted to talk politics with Angelina. She knew it would cause greater issues for them, and she wanted to try to have a relationship with the mother of her grandkids. She never thought her letter would be such a big deal.”

Brad once said of his mother’s outspoken views, “She’s very loving, very open, genuine, and it’s hilarious because she always gets painted as a she-devil.”

Family drama for Brad and Angelina even before their married, but that’s par for the course in a family!

There are rumors that Jane purchased an expensive bible for Angelina and had her name engraved on the front cover. It’s a sweet gift but hopefully the actress won’t feel religion is being shoved down her throat.


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