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Andy Dick Falls Off Wagon - Again

In case you can't already tell from the picture, Andy Dick is in fact not doing great. He's a mess. Actually, that's an insult to messes. From the National Enquirer:

The latest stop on the Andy Dick train wreck was a play in Los Angeles, where the troubled comic drunkenly demanded to be let in without a ticket and then caused a ruckus by barging in anyway. After Andy, 44, stormed into a performance of "Yello" and the Coast Playhouse in Los Angeles on June 2, he loudly slurred: "Did it start yet?"

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The boozing, belligerent "NewsRadio" star was then kicked out by the play's director Delo Shores, who told Andy: "Come back when you're sober." Said an eyewitness: "Andy kept yelling, 'I'm a celebrity! I don't buy tickets!'"

Andy's bender began earlier that evening at Hamburger Mary's, a popular West Hollywood bar. The troubled actor grabbed a female patron and french-kissed her, begged other customers to pick up his tab after his credit card was declined (no takers!), then stumbled out and urinated on the sidewalk. (Print Edition - 6/21)

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Wow, if Andy Dick was any more of a disaster he'd have to change his name to Lindsay Lohan British Petroleum. Besides, declaring to everyone that you think you're better than they are just because you've been on TV is disgusting, gauche, and a schtick that's already been claimed by Gwyneth Paltrow.

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