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Owen Wilson’s Brother Andrew Bitten by Shark

Andrew Wilson, the older brother of Owen Wilson and Luke Wilson, was bit by a shark earlier this month while surfing in Hawaii.

Wilson, 46, was surfing with friends in Hawaii when a shark attacked him, biting him on the foot.

He was incredibly lucky; he managed to escape and swim back to shore with his injured foot.

Owen Wilson says he only learned about the shark attack after texting Andrew with a question about his television. Owen, 42, explains: ”Just the other day I was sending a message to Andrew about some guy coming by to take a look at the TV. 

He sent back [a message saying], ‘Sounds good, I was bitten by a shark so I won’t be there.’ And he literally was bitten by a shark on his right foot. Can you imagine swimming and then feeling something clamp down and pull? He was OK, he had to get some stitches and everything.

“Actually the paramedics who came said he was more in danger [because his friends] had tied a Blackberry cord around his ankle from cutting off the circulation on his foot.

“He’s so kind of stoic about it.”

Owen, who also enjoys surfing and spends a lot of time in Hawaii, said he will “think twice about skinny dipping,” from here on out.


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