Anderson Cooper Drops F-Bomb, Gives Finger on CNN (Video)

CNN anchor Anderson Cooper recalled last night on his “Ridiculist” segment when he was mistaken by a guest on his show for CNN's Wolf Blitzer.

Cooper also stated that he was mistaken for Dr. Drew, who hosts a program on HLN, noted Mediaite.com (video below).

"I had somebody yell at me on the street the other day, 'Hey, Dr. Drew!' I was like, 'F--- you!'" said Cooper, who raised his middle finger.

Fortunately, because his show "Anderson 360" is taped, not live, Cooper's F-bomb was bleeped out and his middle finger was blurred out.

The conservative website Twitchy, which tracks tweets on Twitter, was incensed over Cooper's behavior and further shocked that numerous people on Twitter supported the CNN anchor.

Twitchy scolded, "Hey, whatever it takes to improve your lousy ratings, right Anderson?"

Sources: Mediaite.com and Twitchy


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