New Tracy Morgan Scandal: Mocks "Retarded" People


OK...c'mon, people, I can see where people got upset over the violence and stabbing insinuations about gay people with Tracy Morgan... BUT - if you're gonna start dissecting and ripping a comedian's stand-up routine... then this is really stupid.. 

I do comedy and I offend on a daily basis... I use the word "retard" - i've been accused of being racist, homophobic (yes. Swear!), I've been called racist in recent days... it's amazing. When you friend KNOW what you get... if you become a fan... you KNOW what you get... this new pastime of trying to censor comics is crazy. Tracy Morgan may not be my fave comedian, but if we start doing this to comedians, we are seriously a business in trouble. Bring on Lisa Lampanelli on in double doses... throw in some Joan Rivers and let's watch an old Lenny Bruce video.

So Morgan made a retard joke... get over it.. 

Mr. Morgan warned his audience, “Don’t ever mess with women who have retarded kids.” As groans and cries of “Uh-oh” were heard, he continued, “Them young retarded males is strong. They’re strong like chimps.”

Finally, he concluded with a bit about his alleged teenage romance with a girl he described as “a cripple” with a prosthetic arm, a mechanical larynx and a portable dialysis machine.    

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