Analyze this: Nicki Minaj’s “Pink Friday” Album Cover

By Danielle Harling

To the joy of Barbie’s across the nation the album art for Nicki Minaj’s debut album, Pink Friday, was finally released today. Let’s keep it real, this is one creepy ass album cover folks. It’s a combination of the eerie, blank look on Nicki’s face and her armless Barbie doll figure. Maybe they’re trying to get us in the Halloween spirit? Okay, maybe not. For those of you who may be struggling to take in the marvel that is the Pink Friday album cover we’re here to help (as always). Check out our break down…

The Armless Minaj: Although the album art has only been released for a matter of hours people are already debating the significance of the armless body. Thankfully, I’m here to resolve that issue. It’s significant of…absolutely nothing! Obviously. Come on people it’s Nicki Minaj we’re talking about not an episode of “LOST.” There is no symbolism to be found here.

It’s Barbie B*tches: As someone who hasn’t picked up a Barbie doll in probably well over 15 years I’m finding Nicki’s all-Barbie-everything approach slightly nauseating. And her Pink Friday album cover is no different. Not only do you have Nicki portraying a Barbie doll, but you also have the Barbie font and enough pink to fill up a gazillion Barbie dream houses. The fact that all of this is paired with a “Parental Advisory” sticker seems a little odd.

The Runner Up: Sources close to us, which just happen to be imaginary, were kind enough to reveal an alternate Pink Friday cover idea that was rejected. The cover would have featured Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne, dressed as Ken, seated in a life-size hot pink Barbie convertible. Unfortunately, Lil Wayne wasn’t available for the photo shoot because of his jailbird status so the idea was scrapped.

It Doesn’t Matter: Although breaking down anything related to Nicki Minaj is usually a hopping good time it’s slightly amazing how we’ve become more fixated with album covers when physical albums are selling less and less. Anywho…who’s ready for November 23?!

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