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The Graceful Amy Winehouse is Taking Ballet Lessons

Amy Winehouse may not have been seen stumbling out of bars of late, nor is she releasing any new music, but that doesn’t mean she has been idle. The troubled songstress has been taking ballet lessons.

Winehouse wants to improve her suppleness and flexibility. According to The Sun, ballet is the key. Winehouse has a private instructor coming to her house to teach her the whys and wherefores of ballet.

Do you think they watch Black Swan?

A source said: “Amy has started ballet lessons at home and she’s really enjoying them.

“She wants to get fit, tone up and become more supple without getting too muscly. She really likes kick-boxing too, but she loves the glamour of ballet.”

The singer has a gym at her Camden home. The source continued: “When she moved in she swore she was going to change her lifestyle – that’s part of the reason she had her own gym and studio installed.

“She wants to be fit and look good ready for her comeback at the end of the year.”

Let’s hope the lessons work. Shame she couldn’t have started them sooner – i.e. before her recent gig in Brazil.


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