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Amy Winehouse's Teenage Diary Found in London Trash Heap

According to The Sun, the above picture is a scan of scribbled notes from none other than Amy The Winehouse, back in her halcyon teenage years. It comes from a set of papers found in a rubbish pile on a north London street that also include a red notebook with "Amy's Songs" written on the front.

As well as declaring that the only way she'll really know she's famous is when there's a tanning bed in her sitting room and a treadmill in her living room, the young Wino also included several sets of lyrics, as well as a pretty sexual note about a guy called Felix:

"There's too much sexual tension. I'm sooo gonna turn up in that little skirt on Thursday. And watch him want me. I think I'll wear the heels too. The little white ones. No, actually i'll stick to trainers. I'll make him help write me a song."

How sweet. Little did she realise, only a few short years later she would be wearing a short skirt and heels everyday. 

We're not entirely convinced the story is legitimate, as it sounds like it was made up by a naughty 10-year-old trying to squirm out of a burglary charge, but we'd certainly like to believe it is. So hopefully we'll be seeing more of these delightful tidbits in the future; after all, if we can't abuse Amy about much now, we can certainly go back and laugh at her teenage self.


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