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Actress Amy Locane Indicted in DUI Death

Amy Locane, an actress who has been on “Melrose Place” and starred in “Crybaby” with Johnny Depp, has been indicted in the June DUI crash that killed Helene Seeman.

Back in June, Amy drove while intoxicated (she had multiple glasses of wine), and on her way home, rear-ended a vehicle. She stopped afterward, but when the driver of the vehicle she hit called 911, Amy got back into her car and sped off. The other driver then followed her, telling the dispatcher that Amy was hitting mailboxes and was generally all over the road.

Then came the fatality.

As a third vehicle was turning into a driveway, Amy smashed into the car, killing the passenger, Helene Seeman. Helene’s husband was also badly injured.

Amy, who will be 39 on Sunday, has been indicted in New Jersey on charges of aggravated manslaughter and assault by auto.

She faces 10-30 years behind bars for manslaughter and another 5-10 years for assault by auto.

Locane’s attorney Blair Zwillman told TMZ: “I don’t believe it is supported by the law or the facts and I think it constitutes over-reaching by the prosecutor’s office.”

Amy Locane is married and has two children.


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