Photo: Long Island Lolita Amy Fisher's Scary Plastic Surgery


The “Long Island Lolita, ” Amy Fisher, has had lots of plastic surgery!

One of my LEAST favorite fame whores in the world is Amy Fisher, the “Long Island Lolita,” who shot Mary Jo Buttafuoco in the face back in 1992.

Ever since the incident, Amy Fisher has found a way to keep her name in the news. Most recently being her decision to have tons of plastic surgery. The butterfaced bottom-feeder now looks like every other botox’d, man-made Hollywood freak! HUGE lips and cheekbones! If Amy Fisher wanted us to talk about her, her awful plastic surgery is certainly one way to go about it. Check out this video and laugh your arse off at how Amy’s face no longer moves, heh.

Amy will also be appearing on Dr. Drew’s Celebrity Rehab, which is set to premiere on June 26, 2011. Don’t confuse her with past celebrity rehabber and fellow bottom-feeder Rachel Uchitel though, even though the two look strikingly similar now…


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