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Memo to TomKat: Bragging about Suri is Annoying

No one wants to hear you brag about your kids. It is sort of like making someone go through your hundreds of vacation pictures. Sure, a few pictures are fun to look at, but after a while your eyes start to cross. It is the same thing with kids.

This is why Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are annoying. They talk about Suri like she is Mozart. She is incredible! She is amazing! She is a star! She is a genius! Really, she is only four.

Did you know Scientologists believe that children are basically adults and should make their own decisions? They receive little to no discipline. So can you imagine just how bratty she must be?

Last year, Us Magazine had an interview with a friend of the couple, who explained Scientologists' approach to parenting. "It’s all about being positive and supportive. L. Ron Hubbard advised parents to 'try to be the child’s friend.'"As for discipline, one former church member told Us that Scientologists do not scold their children, but instead explain that bad behavior (like throwing a toy) is the “wrong action.”

The insider said Cruise and Holmes are very lenient and do not like to give Suri too many rules: “Suri pretty much does whatever she wants, whenever she wants. If she fusses before bed, they let her stay up later. If they want her to go swimming and she cries, they’ll take her out. If she whines about food, they’ll ask her what else she wants to eat. They always want to please her.”

Awesome! Way to go.

Last week on Oprah, Tom bragged that it is his 4-year-old who picks out her own clothes, as well as the outfits of the entire family. “She tells me what to wear. She just likes to dress herself, wear whatever she wants. If she wants to wear it, she wears it. She is such a happy, easy, fun girl." Unlike Jennifer Garner, who tries as best as she can to shield her kids from paparazzi, he says all the attention doesn’t upset Suri. “She just deals with it,” he says. “We don’t make it a problem. You get used to it after so long.” (Especially when your father is the one tipping off the press.) Plus, she takes after her mom, who, according to Cruise, is “a very relaxed person.” (I would be relaxed too if I was brainwashed. It is easy to seem relaxed when you operate like a robot.)

- Kate Casey


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