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Did Matt Lauer Have an Affair with a Transsexual?

The New York Post reported on Thursday that singer Alexis Houston, the woman who held a press conference with her lawyer Gloria Allred to deny an affair with Matt Lauer, was actually born a man. Alexis, born Wellington Stuart, had a sex-change surgery three years ago. [NYPost]

Wowza. claimed May 13 that Lauer had an affair with Alexis after meeting her on the "Today" show set in 2007. "According to our source, in March 2008, Matt’s staff booked hotel and air accommodations for Alexis so she could accompany Matt to South Carolina. They often stayed in the same hotel, but on different floors,” says our source. Alexis also accompanied Matt on a trip to Los Angeles that summer.  After almost a year, they had a fallout in late 2008/early 2009. “They ended the affair, but he tried to stay in touch,” says our source. When Matt arrived in Vancouver for the 2010 Winter Olympics, he heard Alexis would be performing during the opening ceremonies at the Olympic Village. Matt went through several publicists to get in touch with her. “He really made an effort to see her, but he wanted to see her privately,” added our source." [HollyScoop]

Yikes. Talk about beer goggles. I would like to give Matt the benefit of doubt. Perhaps he was in a smoky, dark bar and she looked really attractive after a few long island teas? But then again he first met "Alexis" on the set of the Today show. They have great lighting and a makeup artist may have done a pretty good job covering up her man jaw. But then he continued to pursue her well after that morning show appearance. I can tell she looks extremely man-ish just by looking at the New York Post picture. Didn't he notice all her drag makeup in their hotel room? Didn't he think it was slightly odd they wore the same size slippers? When Alexis also ordered a rib eye didn't that set off the alarms? What about when they washed down dinner with a couple glasses of J&B and cigars?

Matt Lauer needs better man-dar.

-Kate Casey


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