Vain: Celebrities Who Hang Portraits of Themselves

This week Lindsay Lohan filmed an 18-second endorsement for a penny auction site. It was her latest and most desperate attempt at product endorsement cash. See, when no one hires you and you have a raging drug addiction, your bank account tends to get low. She also gave an interview to Life & Style Magazine, which is accompanied with a photo spread of her digs. You know, since she is under house arrest and all. If you can’t go to the paparazzi, you bring them to you. What I find most interesting are the massive oil portraits of her hanging on her own walls. But then it occurred to me that if you really want a successful career as a fame whore, it really serves your brand to have your image on potholders, toilet seat covers, and such.

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Us Weekly reported Yankee slugger Alex Rodriguez commissioned paintings of himself - as a centaur (half man/half horse) and they hang over his bed. Because what better way to show the lady in your life that you will never love anyone the way you can love yourself?

Imagine staying a night at Paris Hilton's home? It's bad enough worrying if it is clean, another knowing you have to rest your head on this:

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Padma Lakshmi from Top Chef had no problem showing Harper's Bazaar that the only way she can sleep softly is knowing she will be watching herself in slumber with an outfit from Frederick's of Hollywood.

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My favorite is the portrait of Donald Trump, which hangs in one of his homes. The tennis whites, the pursed lips, the dusty mauve sunset in the background, and the gold leaf frame all exemplify his true adoration for himself. I can only imagine he kisses it softly as he passes it each sixth Saturday. In fact I bet he speaks to his reflection too in a soft whisper too. "You are the only one who understands me."

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-Kate Casey

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