Amoral, Atypical and Candy-Coated


Dungeonland was a surprise hit at GDC this year but then went relatively quiet, until now.  To the fans benefit, Paradox Interactive hijacked the development diaries from Critical Studios for the new “co-op-action-dungeon-crawling-theme-park-chaos-thingy” we hope to see later this year.  [It was also my personal favorite at GDC and I want to see it at E3 or I'm expecting a flight to Brazil!]  Paradox has announced the diaries will be released bi-weekly!

The cooperative action game allows up to 4 players to take control of either a Rogue, Warrior, Mage or Game Master and fight through some very entertaining and unique levels. Quite possibly my favorite description in this week’s release comes straight from the developers. 

Dungeonland is an amoral, atypical take on asymmetric gameplay.”

Read Dungeonland Developer Diary #1 - Designing for Cooperation

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Chastity “NuyoRiqueña” Irizarry is the Executive Editor of Nfamous Gamers and Video Games and Technology Editor for Opposing Views.  You can follow her onTwitter and read more at NuyoRiqueña.


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