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American Soldier Carl Roe Wows with Song 'We Own the Night'

Both through RefinedHype and the mothership I get approached by a lot of people looking to run music contests and I almost always say no. Why? Because you're forced to dig through so many Tiffany Green face worthy submissions to find that one hidden piece of dopeness it's barely worth it. But I've never seen a piece of unexpected dopeness like this.

Quick rewind: Shane Eli put out an instrumental version of his "I Can Do Better" album and invited emcees to rhyme over the beat of their choice. There was actually a fair amount of solid submissions, but Carl Roe's "We Own the Night" was hands down my favorite.

Seriously, how fucking ill is that? This isn't to take anything away from his rhymes, the man can legitimately rap, but this is about more than music. Or rather, it's about music's ability to convey emotions and moments that simply can't be carried by any other medium. The war in Iraq is, for most of us, a distant battle we watch unfold on CNN, but I can honestly say that this really made the war hit home for more.

So don't worry, I'll get back to booty and no fu**king sense rap lines in a sec, but if I can be allowed a moment of actual sincerity, huge respect to Carl Roe, both as a solider, a man and an artist.



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