'American Idol' Wants To Replace Mariah Carey With Jennifer Lopez?


Is American Idol ready for a major switch up when it comes to their judges?

According to reports, the show's producers wanted to replace Mariah Carey with former judge, Jennifer Lopez.

"Carey, who was touted as the big new addition to the judge’s panel this year, responded with a threat of litigation," The Hollywood Reporter writes. "With that, the plan was dropped, though Idol's producers still are negotiating with Lopez, who served as a popular judge during the past two seasons, to appear on the show’s finale in May. And insiders say a search already has begun to replace Carey, most likely Nicki Minaj and possibly the entire judge’s panel for next season."

However, a spokesperson at Fox said that the rumor is false. A representative for Carey also denied the rumors.

"This is just another ridiculous Idol judge rumor, likely started by talks of Jennifer performing on the finale," a Fox spokeswoman told THR in a statement.

"I have not been included in any conversation regarding replacing Mariah with Jen this season," American Idol producer Nigel Lythgoe said.

Despite the ongoing feud going on between judges Carey and Minaj, American Idol has suffered its worst ratings ever for a season.

"Fox thought the Nicki-Mariah contrast would make for ratings, but there is concern it is like nails on [a] chalkboard for middle-America viewers," a source said.


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