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American Idol Results: Pia Voted Off, Jennifer Lopez Cries

Jacob’s shirt combo made me think of clown throw up and that’s not a complement.

Stefano in the bottom three. Pia is in the bottom three. I didn’t see that one coming at all.
Jacob’s in the bottom three and it’s so because of that shirt mess, not because the audience didn’t want to look in the mirror.

The TMZ moment was amusing. Russell Brand was great. Constantine singing was all right. Iggy Pop needs Jacob’s shirt. He can spare it. Two birds, one suggestion. You’re welcome.

Why does Ryan Seacrest say literally, as if he’s saying “ture” in literature for the lit in literally? If you get what I mean you win a prize.

Jacob is sent back (as I predicted….sort of. Ha.). Between Stefano and Pia. Pia is gone. She cries. People boo. How should Stefano feel? No cheering for him? Booing that she’s gone. That’s gotta sting.

VFTW’s Dumb Post

Paul McDonald is safe because of VFTW votes and it sent Pia Toscano to the bottom 3 and then home. Oh yeah, we did that. The females are dropping like flies. And VFTW will continue to vote for Paul so that he sings on each week while all of the people the show wants to win keep going home.
Can you believe it? The frontrunner just went home in 9th place and Paul wasn't even in the bottom. American Idol, this season is amazing. Worsters, you did this. Shades of old Idol with Jennifer crying like Paula, Randy lost for words, and tons of booing. What a hilarious episode! Next goal: An all male top 6. Bye bye, ladies!
Oh and you can send us love mail and thank us for saving Paul McDonald and sending home Pia right here:

My email to them:

Banning people that out do your cut downs is pretty petty.

Oh, and you have zero power. Paul has a HUGE following. Why do you always pick the people that have a massive fan base and claim you've helped them?

Pick someone that doesn't have that fan base next time and show your power. Otherwise it is, as your blog post are, a bunch of hollow words.


They banned me for hitting them with hard words and making them cry. It is how it always is. People in the internet world with power in forums tend to lack the ability to take what they give. I’m a rock in people’s shoes. A lava rock. Steamy.

It is going as I predicted (way before VFTW ever commented on it, by the way), females are first. Guess my saying it made it happen. I gots power like VFTW. Woot.



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