‘American Idol’ Surprise: James Durbin Voted Off


The crowd wept along with James Durbin last night when it was announced by Ryan Seacrest that he was leaving American Idol.

The elimination came as a shock to many, including the judges, who believed that James was to be the next Idol winner.

Durbin has had a lot to overcome in his 22 years of life, having been diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome as well as High Functioning Autism (Aspergers) when he was a child. Shortly before his diagnosis’, his father died of a drug overdose when James was just 9 years old.

Maybe it was his personal struggles and triumphs that endeared him to the viewing public each week, but one this is for sure, that kid has a set of lungs.

Unfortunately, Durbin did not make it all the way in the American Idol competition this year. But he should be proud of himself for having made it into the top four. That is quite the accomplishment.

For me, watching this season’s Idol has been excruciating. I felt that with a couple of exceptions (Jacob and Stefano) that the top ten singers were amazing, and I had to sit idly by and watch my faves get voted off one by one…

I totally thought James had this one in the bag… Oh well.

COME ON LAUREN AND SCOTTY! (In case you want to know my picks for final 2)

Who do you think will win this season?


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