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American Idol Recap: Stefano is Eliminated

Our guest blogger, Rosie, from Fit Fab Celeb, provides us with a recap of tonight’s episode of American Idol.  We’re getting down to the best! Tonight another hopeful goes home and leaves us with the top six.

Fit Fab’s pic for the bottom three tonight; Stefano Langone, Jacob Lusk and Haley Reinhart. Hands down, James Durbin was the winner! A record 52 million votes last night got to witness Casey Abrams sucking face with Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler swearing, what a night!

Tonight’s show starts off with Lauren Alaina,  Haley Reinhart, Stefano Langone and Jacob Lusk singing Train’s Soul Sister – it was painful and off key. Casey Abrams, Scotty McCreery and James Dubin sing Cold Play’s Viva La Vida – this was a good choice for them, it showcased all of their talents.

Casey and Jacob are asked to stand, it’s nail biting time….. Casey is safe, he took a gamble going for that smooch with JLo, guess it paid off after all!   Jacob is in the bottom three and it’s no surprise, Fit Fab has had enough of the over-emotional Diva, how about you?

Season seven American Idol winner, David Cook performs his new single, The Last Goodbye, he was awesome!  Love his music and his voice. David tells Ryan Seacrest that the the reason he came on the show tonight was for his mom to meet Steve Tyler and being the gracious person that he is, Steven gets up and gives David’s mom an endearing hug.

Here we go, Lauren, James and Stefano are called to the stage.  Stefano is in the bottom three, no surprise here again, most times he sounds like bad karaoke. James brought excitement to the stage last night, as he always does and it paid off.  Lauren is skating on thin ice, she better bring in her A game, or she might be in the bottom next week.

Haley and Scotty are called up next. Scotty is safe with his flute-like microphone-holding and smirky facial expressions, he delivered a solid performance last night. Haley showed off her jazz skills – voters were not impressed, or were they? Ryan goes over to Haley and tells her she is safe.

Katy Perry performs her new song, ET – her lip synching ruined the whole performance.

Fit Fab was right on with our predictions tonight of the bottom three and two very nervous boys are now going to hear their fate.

Dim the lights, here we go,the person leaving us tonight is Stefano.



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