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"Teen Mom" Amber: MTV Paid Me to Hit Fiance

Well, this was a twist I did not see coming. Amber Portwood is facing felony abuse charges for beating her boyfriend Gary Shirley. At this point, I don't think we even need to say "allegedly," since it was right there on tape, and more than once.

Anyway, The Enquirer is reporting that Amber's defense is going to be that MTV paid her to hit Gary. While, I could see producers provoking her into making her even more angry, I do wonder if they would really cross the line and encourage a felony. Hmmm.

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According to sources, Amber was paid an additional $1,000 to hit Gary, and the producers said Amber and Gary were the most popular, and the only dramatic or exciting things that happened on the show were with them. Amber says Gary did not know about it because she wanted a spontaneous reaction from him. Well, considering how often he gets beat, he probably reacted the same way he always does.


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