Amber Rose Explains Why She Called Kim Kardashian a “Homewrecker”


Amber Rose is speaking out about why she felt the need to reveal that Kim Kardashian was the woman that came between her and rapper Kanye West.

Amber said she went public with the information because she was tired of rumors suggesting she was involved in the reality star’s split with Reggie Bush.

The bald model insists Kim sent sexy pictures of herself to Kanye while she was dating him.

Rose says, “I’m not upset about what happened anymore because I got past it; I was just upset that every interview that I’ve had, they asked me, ‘Why was I the cause of her and Reggie breaking up?’

“It was just not true… I have a reputation also and I just had to set that straight… I wasn’t the one that did that to her; she actually did that to me… I have a lot of young girls that look up to me… and I didn’t want it to come off like I was just going after Kim… and trying to kick her while she was down (after her marriage break-up).

“I’ve never been friends with Kim; I don’t know her personally, so it’s not like we’ve ever talked.”

The model, who is now dating rapper Wiz Khalifa, also explained that she and Reggie Bush dated briefly in a rebound relationship after they both ended their relationships.

“We were both kind of, like, hurt,” she said. “We were each other’s rebounds, basically. It was nothing serious. We didn’t love each other. We just became good friends, basically.”


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