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Amanda Seyfried Buys a Dead Horse, Says It's Art

Who knew Amanda Seyfried was into taxidermy? Me neither.

Seyfried, currently treading the promotional treadmill with her new flick, Red Riding Hood, revealed that she’s bought a horse – a dead one, called Antoine.

“I love good taxidermy, it’s like art,” she told the Daily Express at the London premiere of her new movie.

Seyfried also told the Press Association: “I got another animal, I’m going to share – I bought a three week old just this week, well it was three weeks old when it died, (it’s a) miniature horse,” she said.

“It’s being shipped to LA as we speak. And it’s going to be Finn’s [her treasured Australian shepherd. He has a pulse, apparently] new best friend unless he tries to eat it. It’s like this big, I can carry it.”

“It’s very well done,” she said. “It’s the best taxidermy in the world. Its name is Antoine.”

I wonder where she’ll put dear Antoine. Judging by his size, I’m sensing he’d make a fabulous foot rest or a coffee table stand at the very least.

Just goes to show you, though – you really can flog a dead horse!



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