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Amanda Bynes Accused of Hit and Run Accident, Again

Amanda Bynes has been accused of ANOTHER hit and run accident!

A woman has filed a police report claiming Bynes rear-ended her and then ditched the scene without exchanging information.

The woman, whose name is Kisa, claims that she was driving her Toyota Corolla in the San Fernando Valley when she was hit by a black BMW.

Kisa says she didn’t recognize Bynes at first because “she looked like a hot mess,” but she later realized who she was.

Then when Kisa tried to exchange her insurance information with Bynes, the actress told her the damage didn’t look that bad and tried to push the bumper back into place!

That’s right she tried to push the bumper back into place… she’s an idiot.

Then according to Kisa, Bynes said that neither car had “significant” damage and drove away.

Bynes was arrested back in April for suspicion of DUI and has also been accused of hit and run twice before in May.

Amanda, you have officially reached a “Lindsay Lohan” status of driving abilities… which basically means you’re as good of a driver as Helen Keller.

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