Amazing Photos: Inside Airplane as Passengers Prepare for Crash

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    Passengers on Cathay Pacific flight CX715 prepare to disembark from the plane after it landed safely at Changi Airport in Singapore on May 16

    Nothing can strike fear in a man’s heart than the knowledge that in the next three minutes s/he will be surely dead. Which is exactly what passengers on Cathay Pacific flight CX715 thought as many of them awoke to two petrifying loud bangs whilst their plane was en route from Singapore to Jakarta.

    As one of the engines catches fire, a photojournalist by the name of Beiwhart takes to  his camera and starts even to his possible moments alive clicking away.

    Sharp smells fill his and fellow passengers noses and the plane begins vibrating louder and louder, the photojournalist now clenching his wife’s hands and both of them praying as terrofied passengers await the worse.

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    The photographer's son, Pradipta (L), wears a life vest as he covers his eyes shortly before the emergency landing

    And as if their prayers were answered, the pilot, Captain Bradley Chiccame is able to control the plane and make an emergency landing at Changi Airport, not before finally announcing with the plane finally grounded over the intercom:

    ‘I am Captain Brad, the situation is under control and our engine fire has been extinguished. Please wait in a line and walk to exit through the front door, don’t run. And the ground crew will take care of you. Thank you.’

    And just like that what was fear, dread, became serene and gratitude as passengers one by one began to disembark into the surreal void.

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    Touching ground: Passengers disembark the jet after it made an emergency landing. at Singapore's Changi Airport Read mo

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    Taken to safety: The plane, which was en route to Jakarta, experienced engine trouble shortly after takeoff. Its starboard engine was burnt, according to the pilot.


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