Alyssa Milano Sex Tape ‘Leaks’ Onto The Internet (VIDEO)

A “sex tape” featuring Alyssa Milano that recently hit the Internet will almost certainly get political activists feeling a little frisky. After setting the scene with candles and rose petals, the camera that Milano is using to shoot the video “accidentally” falls over and remains focused on the evening news for the duration of the tape. The newscast is showing a report about the situation in Syria, although the stance in the broadcast remains neutral.

The video was released on comedy website “Funny or Die,” USA Today reported.

In order to get the word out about the tape, Milano took to Twitter. “My sex tape was leaked. Not sure what to say. Going to post the link myself to try to control the situation,” she tweeted.

Milano said she made the tape because she wanted to trick people into caring about the conflict in Syria. “I think it was a really fun way to get people to realize that there are important issues our country is dealing with right now,” Milano said. “If people end up learning something about the crisis in Syria that’s a good thing — even if I had to do a sex tape to lure them in.”

Funny or Die has previously featured sex tapes made by stars like Miley Cyrus, Eva Mendes and Eva Longoria.

The video is below:

Sources: USA TodaySan Francisco Chronicle


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