New Mel Gibson Threat: Will "Bury" Girlfriend in "Rose Garden"

I don't know how much time Mel Gibson actually yelled or spewed his vile words, but all of the recordings that Radar has listened to only amount to 30 minutes. 30 minutes of the most vile garbage imaginable.

In today's installment, Mel threatens Oksana with death and tells her that he will bury her in the rose garden.

You know, you really start to wonder about whether he may have, well you know actually done something like that before or if he is just all talk. To have a spot picked out in your mind where you are going to bury someone is way out there.

Think about it for a second. If you say, "I would love to kill so and so," or "I hope they end up dead," whether you are joking or frustrated or a homicidal maniac, at this point you only are talking about the killing.

Has anyone ever met someone who had taken the next step and thought about where they would bury someone and expressed it? It just makes me think Mel is not making idle threats.


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