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All the Super Bowl Movie Trailers (Video)

Along with all the wonderfully crafted adverts during yesterday's Super Bowl, there were also film trailers: Iron Man 3, Fast and Furious 6, Snitch, The Lone Ranger, Oz The Great and Powerful, World War Z and Star Trek Into Darkness all paid their $3.8 million for a spot.

Surprisingly, while we're still keen on Star Trek and Iron Man because they're Star Trek and Iron Man, the real stand out trailer for us was Fast and Furious 6. And yes, it still looks like the script was based on a small boy's dream, but there's... So. Much. Action. A car drives through the front of a plane that Vin Diesel seems to have crashed using another car. What's not to like?

We haven't put the World War Z trailer in the below lineup because it was released on Friday....


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