All About Jennifer Aniston's Engagement Ring

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Jennifer Aniston is a happy clam since she got engaged to her boyfriend Justin Theroux and friends are telling Life & Style that the ring is GORGEOUS:

"It's a huge emerald-cut diamond," "It's a rectangle with tapered diamond baguettes on the sides." The source estimates the ring to be 8 carats, adding, "It's beautiful."

That sounds a bit familiar, no? Mind you, I'm sure it's much nicer than Angelina Jolie's ring. Seriously, I love diamonds, but hers is too big and too boring. From the sounds of it Jen's is elegant and will look perfect on her slender fingers.

This 'friend' (with clearly a big piehole) also told L&S:

"Just after Jen got engaged, she called all her friends and told them about it," the friend reveals. "She was so happy and said she loves the ring. I think she was overwhelmed and overjoyed by the size and beauty of it!"

I'm happy for her because I think she's met her share of frogs and from the sounds of it Theroux is her Prince and he seems to cherish her and every girl deserves a guy like that, but she forgot to make a couple of very important calls. Namely, her parents.

Apparently her father found out when Celebuzz called him for comment. Ouch. That's odd considering she and her father are so close.  However, her publicist claims:

"John did know about the engagement but did not know when we would go public with it, so when he was caught off guard on the phone, he didn’t want to be tricked, so he pretended not to know.”

I can totally see that happening. I can see her not calling her mom because her mom never had her back, but not her dad. Either way the issue of Life & Style hits newsstands tomorrow.


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