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Alien Disclosure 2010

we have and will continue to have neighbors in this world community of ours.
We live with different species of life forms on a daily basis from your pet cat to the flea on your cat's butt.
We take it for granted that they are not human we don't find it out of the ordinary in anyway way shape or form.
But when we think of co-existing with life forms that are not from this planet originally, some people get all flustered and upset.
I am here to ease your fears and tell you we have neighbors and some of them are us and we've been here for a very long time.
Your bibles talk about heaven, heaven is a community entered only through education and brotherhood.
Until man can get along with each other we will only be silent observers and taking soil samples and the like.
I'd welcome you all to Heaven but I can't the universal community won't accept you until you can get along with each other.
But through education and social maturity there is hope. "See Mr. Crowley, there is hope and help in other spells"

Rev. Michael S. Margolin

The Mad Poet Acbhb

Dr. Baphomet Rex 666


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