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Alexander Skarsgard Naked for 8 Hours on "True Blood" Set

Sometimes I wonder if it is "True Blood" the vampire series I love watching, or seeing vampire Alexander Skarsgard naked on the show? While no word yet on what season 4 of "True Blood" has in store for us, one thing's for sure: we will see lots more Skarsgard hotness. Sadly the show is not set to air again until next summer. I am counting the days ;-)

Meanwhile, we have learnt great news; it seems once Alexander gets naked, he likes to stay that way. Kristin Bauer, who plays Pam on "True Blood," said: "He was once naked for about eight hours and he’s completely comfortable with it. He’s Swedish. My husband’s band toured in Sweden and he said that just how it is. There’s no puritanical background there. It’s nice because it makes all of us more comfortable with it.”

E! online further reports:  Bauer says there’s no update on Skarsgård slipping into pink spandex on the show like his character does in the Charlaine Harris‘ original Sookie Stackhouse book series. “He’s not in pink spandex yet,” she said. “If it doesn’t happen, I’m going to just beg him to do it just for me.”

As for Bauer herself getting naked again, she’s already preparing for it. “When I’m on hiatus I never go to thegym—never!” she admitted. “But after my first wardrobe fitting, I go four days a week.”


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