Alec Baldwin’s Daughter Ireland Baldwin Models (Video)


Ireland Basinger Baldwin, the daughter of Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger, has entered the world of modeling.  Ironically, her first job after signing a modeling contract with IMD, is for the NY Post. The same NY Post that follows her father, Alec Baldwin, around New York City.  The same NY Post who has been the subject of too many of Baldwin’s rants to count. Ireland is very aware of how ironic it is saying,

You know, he has his own agenda and I have my own,” she explains. “I think he’s very outspoken and he has his opinions, and he’s him and I’m me, and I know he’s done things that he regrets himself and that he’s sorry for, but you know, the past is the past.”

The young 17 year-old model spoke about her father, who is well known for a voicemail he left for his daughter, calling her, a “thoughtless little pig.”  Surprisingly, when she speaks about him, it sounds like she looks up to his outspoken manner, saying, he “is very well known for expressing his opinions in a very loud way . . . he’s a funny guy. He’s so ballsy. He’s taught me well, I guess you could say.”

Another surprise is that Alec is not over protective of his gorgeous daughter. He hasn’t even met her boyfriend, Slater Trout, of seven months yet.

We will be seeing a lot of Ireland as she will appear in an upcoming “It Girl” feature in W magazine, a piece in Vanity Fair and possibly, a Guess campaign, Sports Illustrated and Victoria’s Secret gigs.

What do you think about Ireland’s first modeling gig? Is it a coincidence or a well thought out plan by the NY Post to either get some press or really piss her father off?


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