Alec Baldwin Pelted with Candy for Texting During Movie

I think Alec Baldwin needed a movie etiquette refresher, and the loving people of New York were happy to oblige.

At a screening of Blue Valentine on Saturday, Alec exhibited the kind of behavior that I loathe at movies.

He texted.

Not once or twice, but pretty much constantly. People who text during movies should realize that the light from the screen is visible everywhere, and is really distracting.

So, to show their displeasure, several patrons began throwing M&M's at Alec. Guess what? It made him stop. You have to love New York.

Why even bother going to the movies if you are going to sit there and text the entire time? I understand Alec did not pay to go see the movie, but I see plenty of people at movies who have paid $15 and spend most of their time texting.

Just stay at home.


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