AirBlade: Life-Sized Air Hockey (Video)


AirBlade is a life-sized air hockey table, complete with air forced through tiny holes just like the well-known game.

In AirBlade, you score one point by shooting into an opponent's net, but get two points if you hit the puck into a slot in the back, just like the game (video below).

AirBlade recently tested a 20-by-42-foot rink that cost $225K with young hockey players in Ann Arbor, Mich.

"We literally had to pull the kids off the rink," AirBlade's CEO Mark Sendo told "It was a great experience for everyone involved. It's got this wow affect that makes people delighted to even see it."

Sendo hopes someday to have an AirBlade league, but for now is trying to raise $700K on Kickstarter to build a 85-by-200-foot Airblade Extreme Pro Rink, notes Sports illustrated.

The Pro Rink would include more than 2.2 million airflow holes in the floor boards.

Former Detroit Red Wings players Joey Kocur, Darren McCarty and Petr Kilma have reportedly endorsed AirBlade.

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