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Agnes Bruckner Cast As Anna Nicole Smith For Lifetime Movie Along With Star-Studded Cast

It has been six years since Anna Nicole Smith passed away and Lifetime is ready to bring her life to the small screen. Private Practice's Agnes Bruckner is set to play the over-the top model and reality star.

"It's just such a fascinating story to me," Bruckner said. "There were so many different layers to her and she was so iconic and...larger than life. It was just something that I was like...'This is going to be really scary, but it's going to be really awesome at the same time.'"

To take on the role of Smith, Bruckner had to undergo a full transition. Not only did she have to study Smith's mannerisms, personality and attitude; Bruckner had to undergo a full physical transformation as well, complete with makeup and prosthetics. 

"I watched 'ET' stories; I watched YouTube clips," she said. "So much of her life was on camera, so there was so much to watch....[I researched with] a lot of DVDs, a lot of articles, [and] pictures--everything that was there."

The Anna Nicole Smith movie will also include Martin Landau as Smith's 89-year-old, billionaire husband, J. Howard Marshall, Adam Goldberg as Smith's lawyer Howard K. Stern, Virginia Madsen as Smith's mother Virgie, Cary Elwes as J. Howard Marshall's son E. Pierce Marshall and Graham Patrick Martin as Smith's son Daniel.

The movie is set to premiere in 2013.


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