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Adam Shulman Not Happy with Anne Hathaway's 'Boy' Look

Adam Shulman is not happy that his fiancee Anne Hathaway, in preparation for her role in Les Miserables, went from looking like Anne Hathaway to a prepubescent boy. Well, yeah. His name's "Adam Shulman," not "Jerry Sandusky." I'd be pissed, too.

A source told Star:

"Annie and Adam have been bickering a lot recently. It all started when she went on those radical diets for Les Miserables. They made her moody and irritable, and it really caused issues for them ... He loved her long, brown hair. He's going around telling people his fiancee looks like a sickly boy."

With Anne so body and work obsessed, suddenly all talk about kids has also halted. "He's really upset, because they were on this family track and now all Anne can talk about is work," the source explains. "Adam was trying to be nice to her, but she's not exactly the girl he fell in love with anymore."


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