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Latest Internet Death Hoaxes: Adam Sandler and Aaron Carter

Adam Sandler was the centre of a cruel hoax earlier this week (no, not that his new film might actually be funny), following false reports that he'd perished on a mountain in Switzerland. Oh, and Aaron Carter didn't die in a house fire last week either.

Adam Sandler's representative responded swiftly to claims that Sandler had died over Christmas, saying:

“It’s completely not true and such irresponsible journalism.”

Meanwhile, '90s singer Aaron Carter, brother to Backstreet Boy Nick Carter, didn't die in a house fire last week despite reports, but his rep must have been busy as he denied the claims himself on Twitter:

“This is the real Aaron Carter I know there’s a Hoax Going Around, But I’m Here, Alive & Well. At the compound Working on my mind & soul.”


Denise Richards denied that Charlie Sheen had died in a snowboarding accident and Aretha Franklin's rep has also denied claims that the soul singer died on Christmas day.

Yay! We can look forward to more films like this!



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