Adam Levine and Anna Vyalitsyna Get Sexy For 'Vogue'

Adam Levine and his gorgeous girlfriend Anna Vyalitsyna got their sexy on for Russian Vogue by not only posing on the cover of the magazine nude, but posing for a sexy shot inside the magazine where you can see her perfect butt (bitch) with him sitting at her feet (as a good man should when his woman comes home from a hard day of shoe shopping, d'uhhhh).

The photo is an epic Photoshop fail because they have reduced his torso to nothingness on his right side. Unless he had his appendix removed and his right side kind of caved in. But I'm thinking it's the former. It's freaky.

Doesn't anyone look at these things before they publish them? Didn't anyone find this odd? Basically everyone's eyes were glued to her ass and didn't even notice poor Adam Levine. Don't worry Adam, I noticed you. A lot. And you are delicious in my books torso or no torso.


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