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Actress Shana Dowdeswell's Mother Calls for Crackdown on Binge Drinking After She Dies of Alcohol Poisoning

An actress died at 23 years old after she binge drank at a bar in New York City, and now her mother is calling for police to clamp down on bars who serve patrons too much alcohol.

Shana Dowdeswell was a Broadway actress who appeared onstage with Cynthia Nixon and also was in "The Big Wedding" movie with Robert De Niro. 

After she drank several shots of whiskey at a bar called The Basement, she went to her parent's doorstep and passed out. She was taken to the hospital where she died five days later.

Doctors say she died from "natural causes due to complications of acute and chronic alcoholism."

Her mother, Laurie, 60, is blaming The Basement for over-serving her daughter. The bar staff said they served her four shots of whiskey and saw that she was drinking water with the drinks, so thought she was fine.

Laurie said the bar has many regular patrons who seek their cheap drinks.

"At first, I hated The Basement. That was a well-known gathering place for people who wanted to drink a lot for a little bit of money. There's just something going wrong down there," Laurie said. 

Now she wants to start a group, similar to Mothers Against Drunk Driving, to stop people from over drinking. 

"The same way there's Mothers Against Drunk Driving, there has to be a Mothers Against Overdrinking. Wake up kids - it has grotesque outcomes," she said.

Shana started acted at the age of eight. She was successful but struggled with an alcohol problem in her later years.

She entered The Basement around midnight and started drinking immediately.

Two and a half hours later she went home to her parents house, and passed out on their doorstep.

A passerby saw her and called 911, but medics were unable to revive her.

Manager Ronnie Mejia said she did not drink that much and did not appear drunk.

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