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Actress Rooney Mara Dishes on Nude Scenes

Rooney Mara was recently quizzed by Stephen Soderbergh, who she has recently worked with, for Interview magazine. Some pretty sexy areas are covered - boobs, small intestines, the iPhone and breaded snacks. You can make your own mind up about which is sexiest.

Rooney nudity in films:

“I just do what I’m told, when I’m told. There is a line, though—like when you asked me to do reverse cowgirl with Channing [Tatum], and I put my foot down. If the character should be nude in the scene and it makes sense and I trust the person making the film—and I regret my decision to trust you now that I know you more—then I don’t see a problem with it. I certainly don’t want to be involved in anything that is gratuitous, but I don’t think the human body is something to be ashamed of. Every other person on the planet has the same parts as I do. So seeing them shouldn’t be a huge shock to most people.”

Rooney on breaded food:

"I try to eat food that hasn’t been washed in ammonia and then packaged in the shape of breaded dinosaurs filled with cheese—even though those are very tasty. I like to eat food that can actually make it through the 20-plus feet of my small intestine."

Rooney on clothes:

“I try not to wear color. Ever. Because it’s easier to get dressed in the morning.”

Rooney on the iPhone:

“I only just got an iPhone two weeks ago. I hate it. Sorry, Apple. I love Mac products—I love them— but I can’t type on the iPhone, so now I just don’t respond to people. The camera is amazing, though. No denying that.”

Rooney on nicknames:

“When I was at college, my nickname was Keds, because I wore Keds. I guess it wasn’t really a nickname, because nicknames are usually given to you by people who are your friends and who know you. But I didn’t know the people who called me Keds. I think that they didn’t like me because I didn’t want to join a sorority. I left that school.”

Mmmm, breaded snacks.


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