Angelina Jolie Directing Controversial Film About Rapist?

Angelina Jolie is really trying to get her film permit back so she can continue shooting her first movie as a director.

The government of Bosnia had originally given Angelina permission to shoot her movie in the country, but yanked it when they learned the movie was about a Bosnian woman who falls in love with her Serb rapist.

The thing is, Angelina's statement does not really correct the impression everyone has. She says that she wants people to hold off judgment until they see the movie.

To me, that means that the rumors are probably true, but she thinks the way she is bringing it to life will be different. I don't know. One of the producers on the movie said that the rumor the victim falls in love with the rapist is insane. The way he said it, though, indicated that he was referring to the rumor and not the plot premise.

Neither the producer or any of the actors can talk about the movie because of confidentiality agreements they signed for Angelina. Continuing with her statement, Angelina said she would be happy to meet with rape victims and talk to them, and that "the choice to make a film about this area, and set in this time in history, was also to remind people of what happened not so long ago, and to give attention to the survivors of the war."


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