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Actor Richard Belzer: Accuser Targeted Me Because I'm Famous

Actor Richard Belzer says an employee at a New York City Apple Store who claims he choked her targeted him because he's famous.

Belzer was in the store Wednesday night, waiting an unusually long time for help, when he says he placed his hand on the shoulder of the employee, 21-year-old Milan Agnew, in an attempt to get help.

Agnew's version of the story is very different. She told police that Belzer grabbed her shoulders, shook her and choked her before barking, "I need help."

Agnew called police. Once they got there, they looked at the surveillance tape of the incident, and determined Belzer did nothing wrong. He was not charged.

"She wanted attention and she knew who I was and I clearly didn't assault her," Belzer told the New York Post. "It's surprising that Apple would not apologize to such a high-profile, good customer. I've spent thousands of dollars there. I don't want her to be fired, I just want her to seek help."

But Agnew disputes that, telling the newspaper, "I'm not star struck by anyone. I approached him like he was a regular customer. I asked how can I help you. He told me what he needed, and then before I was able to speak again, he lunges in and grabs my neck. It was no gentle manner. There is no gentle manner to grab someone's neck."

Belzer, who plays a cop on "Law & Order," seemed most upset that police had to waste their time on this call. "The sad part of it was that police officers were called and had to report to the scene and God knows we don't need all that manpower wasted on a trivial accusation that was clearly done either for attention or to embarrass a famous person."

Agnew filed a harassment complaint with the NYPD, which she can pursue in civil court.


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