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Actor Michael Cory Davis Gets Naked for Good Cause

Popular actor hopes his sexy nude scene in Tyler Perry's 'For Colored Girls' can shine a light on human trafficking and the plight of victims of sex slavery.

Michael Cory Davis, appeared nude as Thandie Newton’s sexy lover in the opening scene of “For Colored Girls” and women everywhere asked for more! So, Michael is now baring it all (well, almost all) in a provocative 2011 calendar, entitled “Body of Change.” for an important cause he hopes will ignite even greater passions worldwide.

He sees this as an opportunity to shine light on an issue that has been his focus for the past seven years, human trafficking and, especially, the tragic plight of young children sold or forced into an abysmal existence of slavery in the international sex and porn industry.

“As vulnerable as it was to strip down for the film and again for the calendar, I think of how many victims of sex trafficking are forced to do this multiple times a day at the hands of perpetrators,” he said.  “There is a misconception that this is an issue outside the U.S. when hundreds of thousands of American kids are trafficked within our borders each year. I hope this calendar serves as a tool to start and continue the conversation—we can all be bodies of change.”

Michael has been involved in the fight against sex trafficking since 2003, when he became a Goodwill Ambassador for the organization, Face to Face Bulgaria. Through that organization, Michael met a victim of trafficking, a 13-year old Bulgarian girl sold by her adoptive parents into prostitution. Michael wrote, directed and produced the award-winning film, Svetlana’s Journey, based on her story. 

In 2005, the film won the Hollywood Film Festival for Best Short Subject as well as the HD Film Festival for Best Short, Best Dramatic Short and runner-up for Best Director.His second film, Cargo: Innocence Lost, is a documentary focusing on sex trafficking in the United States. He is the recipient of the prestigious People to People International (founded by Dwight Eisenhower) Make a Difference award and has been covered by various broadcast and print media outlets including on World News with Charles Gibson, CNN, NBC, ABC, KTLA, and Los Angeles Daily News.

Michael Cory Davis was born in Brooklyn NY, on September 20, 1977, to Jamaican parents who valued both education and freedom of expression. The middle child, with an older brother and younger sister, he says he has always been artistic and he and his siblings put on “shows” for his parents long before he was recruited from a debate team for training at the prestigious La Guardia Performing Arts High School.

Michael was a track and field runner, excelling in the 100-yard dash.  He follows the NY Knicks, but admits that running his own business, maintaining a demanding acting career, and managing the busy appearance/speaking schedule for his non-profit focused on human trafficking, doesn’t leave much time for sports.

As a teenager, Michael walked to school through areas in Brooklyn not unlike those that plague, major cities today, where older gang members terrorize and intimidate children.  He learned how to survive on the streets and has carried that real-life experience into his stage/screen work, as well as his in his personal concern for children who cannot protect themselves from exploitation and are often recruited or forced into criminal activities.

On a very personal note, Michael shared that he “loves women” and, increasingly as he matures, finds beauty in the individuality, intelligence and confidence of women of all ages, rather than just in the excitement of new challenges. He says a woman is sexy when she can walk into a room of strangers with a smile that signals an awareness of the power of her own feminine mystique and spirituality, rather than relying on the latest fashion trends to define her.

He also admires a lady who is comfortable in her own body, whether or not she would be selected for the cover of a magazine.  His biggest turnoff in a woman is being manipulative. But, Michael adds thoughtfully, “That is true of relationships with either women or men. If you can’t count on someone who is your friend or lover to tell you the truth, what else is there?”

Michael has never been involved in drugs and lives a healthy lifestyle, working out at least five days a week, which shows in the lithe but well-defined body that has sparked fantasies in movie goers and TV viewers for over a decade and has kept Michael successful in the cutthroat world of Hollywood.  He says, because there are so many attractive people in the entertainment industry, he has never thought of himself as a “sex symbol.”  But the response to his naked body in Tyler Perry’s “For Colored Girls” has shown that he lives up to that part without even trying.  You can see much more of Michael at

(Note: Michael has also promised to follow comments on this article and respond as much as possible.)


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