Actor Mauricio Bastidas Beaten Up For Playing Soap Opera Bad Guy

A Colombian soap opera actor was nearly beaten to death after crazed viewers who had seen him on TV were unable to separate his real self from the villainous character he plays on television. Four men attacked Mauricio Bastidas and a friend as they walked in the capital of Bogota.

Bastidas played bad guy Pedro Venildo Caseres in RCN Television's “Tres Milagros” (Three Miracles). The show went off the air in January 2012.

The men reportedly screamed at Bastidas: "If you're so tough like you are on the TV, then you can defend yourself." He was punched in the face numerous times and had his cellphone, valuables and cash stolen, The New York Daily News reported.

Bastidas was taken to the hospital where he underwent operations to repair his nose and eyes.

The actor went on Twitter after the attack. Bastidas said: "I do not know what to feel. The pain it gives me to see me like this is more than the physical." 

He added:

"They destroyed my life and seem to be happy with that. Gangsters look at me still wanting to kill me. They're shameless.”

Sources: The New York Daily News, El Colombiano


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