Court Orders Lindsay Lohan to Party at Home for 2 Weeks

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For hopefully at least the next two weeks there will be no Lindsay Lohan in our world. No pictures of her walking the streets or falling down in a club.

No "accidental" topless or flashing photos. For two weeks it should be just Lindsay and her friends, going over to her apartment and drinking and doing drugs to their hearts content.

If you would like to hate the California penal system, this is your chance. Lindsay was arrested and charged with a felony that could have meant many years in jail.

She plea bargained her way down to a misdemeanor and four months of jail. However, because of overcrowding and because she is a non violent offender, when she went to jail yesterday, she spent one hour there before being sent home with a house arrest anklet. Not a booze one, so she is free to drink and party.

The four months was automatically reduced to 35 days of house arrest, which with good behavior should be reduced to 14 days. So, the bottom line is that for stealing a necklace and facing potential years and years in jail, instead it is two weeks of party time at Lindsay's house.

During her house arrest, she is not allowed to perform community service, so literally all she has to do is sleep and party.


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