Male Version of The View? Terrible Idea, Says ABC


Barbara Walters thinks that there is a huge market for a male style version of The View. She envisions five guys sitting around and talking about the events of the day and things guys would be interested in discussing. She thinks it would be great in the afternoons, and would replace Oprah.

When the NY Daily News called ABC to get a reaction, the person who answered actually laughed at the suggestion. That is how I feel too. Sure, there are guys who are home during the day and work from home, or goof off at work and can watch television, but unless these five guys are sitting around everyday talking about sports and the best way to grill meat, I just don't think this will work.

I don't know many guys who sit around in a circle and would have something to talk about five hours a week. I think the number of guys who watched it would be minimal.


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