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Karina Smirnoff off DWTS Due to Playboy Photo Shoot?

Hugh Hefner had one of his people Tweet that Karina Smirnoff is going to be nude in the May issue of Playboy. Supposedly the fact that Karina is going to be naked as the day she was born is causing the people over at ABC/Disney and Dancing With The Stars to think about firing Karina. WTF? That is such total crap.

Yes, it is a family show, BUT they have had Holly Madison and Kendra Wilkinson on the show and paid them, and the reason they are famous is because they got naked and had sex with an 80-year-old man and were paid every month to do it.

They have had Kim Kardashian on who got her fame from a sex tape, for which she was paid, and they had The Hoff on -- who continues to be famous only because he drinks like a fish and ends up in the hospital from it several times a year.

If they fire Karina they are just digging their own grave. I don't even like her and I would help her out with this. Total crap.


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