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“A-Team” Movie: Pure Fun for Fun's Sake

Genres: Action/Adventure and Comedy
Running Time: 1 hr. 57 min.
Release Date: June 11th, 2010 (wide)
MPAA Rating: PG-13 for intense sequences of action and violence throughout, language and smoking.
Distributors: 20th Century Fox Distribution

Director: Joe Carnahan

JJ Rating: A-

See It Again: Most likely I could.
Own It: Yes.
Recommend it to: Anyone looking for action, comedy and silly fun.

Ridiculously talented people doing ridiculously whacked things with humor and fun for all. The A-Team.

I was a wee little one when this came on the TV during the 80’s. I remember bits and pieces. I have Netflix, but did not bother renting the TV series to brush up, because it wasn’t necessary. What I recalled was how it was just action, action and more action. As long as the film followed suit, how could it go wrong? It surely did not disappoint.

Liam Neeson did a fantastic job as Hannibal. I recall one thing with crystal clarity; it’s Hannibal with the cigar in his mouth, a grin from ear to ear and a hearty laugh over the situation they were in, like he knew he’d win. Bradley Cooper played Faceman, who I did not remember well. Cooper is a good actor because he’s a man’s actor. He’s who the guys would want to drink a beer with, and have as a good friend, and the girls just want to gobble him up cause he’s just so darn cute. Plus he’s a great action star with boyish charm, instead of brute, unforgiving attitude. The kind of charm that he can say what he wants, and only after the women get over the swooning do they get that what he said wasn’t that nice. Sharlto Copley played “Howling Mad” Murdoch, with fantastic comedic timing that left no doubt that the character was indeed mad, making Copley a perfect comedic relief. Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson (who got into trouble with GLAAD over using “gay” in a no-no way---totally lame) played B.A., the character that was made famous by Mr. T. He roared like a lion owning the jungle and purred like a kitten just wanting to be reassured everything was going to be ok on any plane. Jackson performed beyond “gay” as he would think of acting. Just sayin…

The A-Team zooms through its time like a rollercoaster without a theme. No cool name, no crazy gimmicks that trick you into wanting to ride it. All it shows in the trailer is all it is: a film that was created to be fun for those that like to have fun. The A-Team is a rollercoaster that is more interested in thrilling you at every turn and giving you a wonderful, exciting, adrenaline ride that happens to kick-start summer again.

From the ridiculous beginning on how they flip a helicopter to the end with no one dying in the ship containers falling in every random direction, The A-Team gives a good display of what an action movie should be about: action. The hilarious statement of “they’re trying to fly a tank” proves the amazing flamboyant attitude of the film. It’s affordable, awesome entertainment that cannot disappoint as long as you’re into action for action’s sake. That, and the wit that weaves the film together ain’t that bad.

After Iron Man 2 gave a terrific start to Summer Movie Seasons 2010, it started to sag weekend after weekend because of Hollywood’s need to think the audience is stupid, or because they’re lazy millionaires that greenlight boring ideas, in hopes that somehow they explode into something as awesome as The Hangover. That is, until this past weekend with The Karate Kid and The A-Team. Who knew that, when the 80’s had a comeback, that it would save Hollywood? When you have a boring weekend, there’s nothing for you to do and you can’t find anything worth doing, maybe you can see The A-Team.

*duuuunnnn-dunnuntdone-donantdadum* add some explosions and things….


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