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"Hasselhoffs" TV Show Canceled After Just One Night

Ouch!  I don’t know that I’ve ever heard of such a thing!  A show getting cancelled after being on air for just one night?  I don’t know what could be more embarrassing for the “stars” of the show.

David Hasselhoff put it all out there with his daughters to try and get another life added to his very lengthy career.  Sometimes I guess it’s better to just let go and retire?

A&E aired the first two episodes of The Hasselhoffs on the same night, back to back… I guess in hopes that everyone watching the first would be dying for another? Anyhow, the first episode brought in 718,000 and then the second only 505,000. Not good. Really not good. So they pulled the plug.

I feel bad though. Mostly for the girls, Hayley and Taylor-Ann. They have to be mortified, right? Perhaps it’s time for The Hoff to stick to short, cameo appearances and leave his daughters out of it.


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