8-Year-Old Girl Credited With Getting Sexist Books Removed From California Store

An 8-year-old girl was very disappointed with what she saw on the shelves during a family visit to a local bookstore in Berkeley, Calif., and her complaints were met with agreement by an employee who took the books away.

MSN notes that the 8-year-old found a pair of books at the store called "How to Survive (Almost) Anything," with one for "Boys Only" and the other for "Girls Only." The boys' book had tips like "How to Survive a Sinking Ship" and "How to Survive in a Desert." But the girls' book included stereotypical advice like "How to Survive a Fashion Disaster" and "How to Teach Your Cat to Sit."

The girl was truly bothered by a section in the girls’ book that implied that girls don’t enjoy camping.

“Since my daughter loves camping, she was especially aghast at the girls' topic of “How to Survive a Camping Trip,” Constance Cooper wrote in a blog entry detailing the bookstore experience.

Cooper wrote that her daughter insisted they tell a store manager how unfair these books were and that an employee heard her and asked if she could help.

“Kudos to Half Price Books: the employee was horrified,” Cooper wrote. “She agreed that the books were offensive, and although we hadn't requested it, she yanked all copies (boy and girl) from the shelf. She also gave my daughter a coupon, which she used on a YA fantasy novel.”

Cooper also noted that she was very proud of her for recognizing sexism and for speaking her mind.

“If I'd seen those books on my own, I probably would have just shaken my head and gone away without saying anything and felt angry when I thought about it later.,” Cooper told Today. “As adults we see so much of that sort of thing, and we get worn down. I hope my daughter will continue to think critically about the messages she's given in our culture and speak out when she thinks something is not right.”

Sources: MSN, ConstanceCooper.com, Today


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