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7-Year-Old Samantha Shaw Gets Plastic Surgery

You would think that if I was writing about a 7 year old getting plastic surgery, that it is because they had some kind of physical deformity or that it was medically necessary. How about just because the mom wants to prevent possible future bullying.

Yesterday Samantha Shaw was on GMA because the first grader had plastic surgery to pin back her cup ears and fix a fold on her right ear. When Samantha's mom was asked about it, she said she did it so Samantha would not be bullied.

Not saying that she has been bullied, but preventing possible bullying. Plastic surgery is not to be taken lightly. I am not sure this is a good idea at all. What if your child had died during the surgery? There has to be some kind of line.

If not the parents, then the doctors have to learn to say no. Will Smith has made hundreds of millions with ears like that.


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